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the Project; what is this?

Completely Naked starts a new project as a natural evolution from Flashing Bodies: "The Movie!"

Think Surrealist, experimental, think human people in the desert, think retro post avant-garde, think nonsense, think sex, think cool, think Mexican, think post-feminist women’s lib, think prostitution, life, death, rituals, think alternated states... "The Movie!" is a crazy-arty 21st century answer to art!!!

As part of this long term project we are planning some Flashing Bodies style actions, workshops, talks, to establish partnerships and creating a team, so, keep an eye on this space...

Part of the movie would be created during the actions and workshops, with specific shots in London and abroad. The final core scenes of the movie will be shot in a private deserted volcanic island on the Atlantic…

We are looking now for all kind of collaborations, from participants to partners, from teamwork with professionals to sponsorship.

We will keep updating this website, in the meantime you can navigate to see our work in progress...

For any quieries, you can contact us: email here


To have a sense of what is inspiring us for this project, you can peek at our Tumblr

Find more photos like this on Contemporary Performance Network

Hope you enjoy it!


Completely Naked

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