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Whatever you are a member of the public, a performer, a professional, an artist, in front or behind of the camera; tell us about you!


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Actions & Workshops

Flashing Bodies: ‘The Movie’ will be comprised of few Workshops and Actions (as usual) leading to the completion of an art movie to be shot by September 2014. Part of the movie would be done during the actions and specific shots in London and abroad. The final core scenes of the movie will be shot in a private deserted volcanic island on the Atlantic…

We have a long journey to reach the point where we have all the characters, ideas, scenes, dialogues, props, sets, visuals and sound ready.

From now till then, we will offer a series of workshops for private groups and we will do our usual actions open to everybody, always building towards The Movie.

If you are interested in taking part, please keep reading. We will constantly update information here as the project evolves; keep an eye to it!


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