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"The ultimate experience of a kiss"

KissBox is an interactive video installation created by Completely Naked and supported by People Show as part of '21st Century Misfits' (London 2000).

The lit KissBox hangs alone in the darkness.
The audience form two queues.
Unaware of eachother, they wait.
In turn, the head of each queue is blindfolded.
Guided to the KissBox, they enter one either side.
In the intimacy of the KissBox, they experience a kiss with a stranger.
Regardless of age, gender, race and sexuality.
The kisses are displaced from inside the KissBox via video to a screen.
The audience watches the audience kissing live.


-February 2000. People Show Studios @ '21st Century Misfits'. London.
-July 2000. La Paloma with 'Paradise' from General Electrica. Barcelona.
-August 2000. 'Enchanted Gardens' by Big Chill. UK.
-September (26 to 29) 2000. 'Desviaciones'. Madrid.
-October 2000. People Show's Cabaret at P.S. Studios. London.
-October, 26, 2000.Big Chill at De Monfort Hall, Leicester.
-November, 26, 2000. Wandsworth Film Festival. BAC. London.
-November, 30, 2000. GSP Ltd. EMAP party. Heaven, London.
-December, 1, 2000. GSP Ltd. party. 93 Feet East, London.
-March 2001. Factory Festival (La Fabrica). Sevilla.
-February 2002. New Territories/National Review of Live Art. Glasgow.
-April 2002.Motel Mozaique. Rotterdam.
-August 2002. Colchester Arts Centre.
-April 2003. Brighton Theatre Festival.
-July 2004. Duckie Gay Shame, London.
-July / August 2004 The Big Chill Festival, UK.
-September 2004. Finalist at the 11th Erotic Awards.
-at Shunt Vaults

kissbox by completely naked


KissBox in Desviaciones, Madrid. September 2000:

- "In Kissbox the audience become the performers" La Luna (Spain) 15/9/00

- "Come and kiss me! KissBox is the interactive video installation of passionate kisses"
El Pais de las Tentaciones (Spain) 22/9/00

- "KissBox invites you to kiss a stranger today" (main title + photo) El Pais (Spain) 26/9/00

- "In Desviaciones the audience must be ready to be surprised every day, as they may be invited to kiss a stranger in the KissBox" Madrid y m@s (Spain) 27/9/00

- "Radical Moves. The program of the festival Desviaciones kicked off last week with a performance of the innovative work KissBox" Accent/Diario (Spain) 28/9/00

KissBox in Barcelona with 'Paradise' from General Elèctrica. July 2000:

- "Completely Naked, from UK, invite the audience to experience, blindfolded, a kiss with a stranger"
El Pais de las Tentaciones (Spain) 30/6/00

- "To Kiss a Stranger. Meetings in the Kissbox regardless of age, sex, race or religion broadcast live in video. A big exercise of tolerance" Avui (Catalonia) 5/7/00

- "The audience will enjoy a unique proposal: KissBox" La Vanguardia (Spain) 6/7/00

- "An enjoyable proposal from Pau Ros and Claire Ward-Thornton for lovers of new emotions (…) The kisses were passionate!" El Pais (Spain) 9/7/0

KissBox at the Big Chill 'Eastnor Castle' July / August 2004:

..."The kids also loved the late-night art trail - particularly the giant TV that relayed live pictures of couples kissing in a special kissing booth"... Time Out (UK) 4-11/8/2004

KissBox was nominated at the 2004 Erotic Awards

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